Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Supply Chain Strategy For The Publishing Sector

CEVA's Italian Logistical Development Books its Place
Shipping News Feature

ITALY – CEVA Logistics, formerly of course TNT, have extended their talent for supply chain management this week with the unveiling of the project the company claims has cost them an investment of €65 million. Entirely devoted to the logistics requirements of the publishing sector the ‘City of Books’ is a freight and publication finishing platform which has taken CEVA eight months to create.

The Stradella site near Pavia in Italy was chosen as the location of the new hub because of its strategic position, being central to the national logistical traffic running north-south and east-west. Annually, the City of Books manages over 90 million books on behalf of customers like RCS Libri, Messaggerie Libri and Pearson, this equates to more than half the books read in Italy each year.

Yesterdays launch was attended by a number of high profile companies, prospective and current customers, and Italian politicians and via the service CEVA will manage approximately 400,000 tonnes of printed and bound paper, equivalent to 3,000 loaded trucks, or 100,000 pallets for a single hub. This new hub will see the employment of 200 staff members in order to cater for the distribution of books to 4,000 points of delivery throughout Italy.

The City of Books introduces a radical innovation in the distribution framework for the publishing sector. The logistics chain has been shortened thanks to the integration upstream of inbound and finishing activities, with a consequent optimization of flows and a reduction in associated logistical costs. Hosting logistics activities for numerous publishers in a single site also creates a further economically viable solution for customers.

Sharing warehouse areas, IT systems, automation processes and specialized staff permits a reduction of overall costs. Through the continuous application of standardized procedures CEVA say their logistics services and procedures will undergo continuous improvements in an attempt to offer constant high levels of service to its customers.

The collaboration with AKNO Business Parks has made it possible to expand the area space of the warehouse in a short time, extending from the initial 80,000 sq m to over 150,000 sq m. This sustainable site in Stradella highlights CEVA’s initiative towards green warehousing; by the end of the year a photovoltaic plant will be installed totalling over 35,000 modules, covering an area of 6,500 sq m. This will produce 3,780 MWh annually, the equivalent to energy generated in 2,000 homes, saving on average of 1.6 million kg of CO2 emissions.