Monday, January 16, 2012

New Supply Chain Control For Inbound Freight

Descartes Reveal Latest Cloud Based Logistics Control Modules
Shipping News Feature

CANADA – US - WORLDWIDE – Ontario headquartered Descartes Systems Group has made what it terms ‘significant extensions’ to the company’s Microsoft-based Logistics Flow Control solution. Descartes claim the new modules provide retailers with better coordination of supplier managed freight shipments and synchronize commercial and logistics documentation required for accurate import Customs duty filings.

Descartes Load Flow Control manages supplier controlled freight by providing the retailer, plus its suppliers and carriers, with purchase order visibility and consolidation that is synchronized with the retailer's available dock appointment times. The traditional coordination process from supplier to carrier to retailer is streamlined, as the dock appointment is confirmed at the time of purchase order consolidation, thereby reducing total delivery time.

Retailers (or wholesalers) have the ability to control what purchase orders get consolidated by the supplier and managing their movement whilst in transit. Changes to the delivery schedule by any party are measured against a date validation guide, helping to ensure that deliveries comply with purchase order commitments, thus avoiding wasted journeys by road haulage operators and possible demurrage and/or extra cargo handling charges.

Logistics Flow Control is part of Descartes' Logistics Technology Platform and is a multiple party cloud solution which coalesces the various systems from different stakeholders in the supply chain enabling retailers, suppliers, carriers and brokers to use the same solution to manage the "purchase order to warehouse receipt" process which is aimed at improving inventory control whilst goods are in transit, reducing the times and costs from transport to Customs penalties and to enable end users to quantify supplier and carrier performance.

The system can be used in conjunction with Descartes Import Compliance system which consolidates all relevant information required for Customs formalities by enclosing in an electronic data set. This can contain everything from properly compiled commercial invoice with Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification code updates, image document storage and transferral through to approved release notification as required in each individual country.

Descartes technology is used by industry stalwarts such as Delta Cargo and the company is present currently at the 101st National Retail Federation Expo in New York at the Microsoft pavilion.

Photo: Confused? This is René Descartes sketch to describe how rainbows are formed from his treatise ‘Discourse on Method’ written in 1637 (it’s the closest thing we could link between Descartes and Cloud and it’s less boring than a picture of Canadian Customs documents).