Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Strategically Located Office for Largest Global Shipping Association

Conveniently Close to Worldwide Governing Body
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – Headquartered in Denmark, BIMCO, or to give it its full original title the Baltic International Maritime Council Organization, is to open a London office, to join the existing facilities in Copenhagen, Singapore, Shanghai and Athens. The maritime association represents around 59% of global shipping tonnage via its 1,900 members.

The new BIMCO office is strategically situated close to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) headquarters on the Albert Embankment in London. The office will also serve as a hub for BIMCO employees who visit London, when the pandemic abates. With a fifth local office currently under consideration Michael Lund, deputy secretary general responsible for BIMCO’s membership and business development, commented:

“Having local offices is very important when it comes to engaging with our members and stakeholders. By being present locally, we ensure that we listen to what concerns and challenges the local shipping community has, and it also enables us to develop the contracts, clauses, digital services and other tools that are relevant to them.”

The broader intention of the new presence in London is to enhance capacity in the increasingly important policy and regulatory field, with Dr Bev Mackenzie taking up the role of BIMCO’s permanent representative at the IMO from 1 February, reporting to Deputy Secretary General Lars Robert Pedersen at the head office in Copenhagen who commented:

“The agenda at the IMO is growing and becoming increasingly complex and political, and it requires more focus and effort to make sure that we always provide the practical input that BIMCO is known for.”

Dr Mackenzie is in place to ensure a more proactive relationship with the IMO secretariat in London and additionally will contribute to BIMCO’s marine environment team applying her marine scientific knowledge and experience. BIMCO president, Sadan Kaptanoglu, added:

“Opening an office in London is a logical next step for BIMCO. To serve our member’s interest the best we can, BIMCO needs to maintain even closer relations with people, companies and organisations in one of the world’s key shipping hubs.”