Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Solution for Home Delivery Service will Please Express Couriers

Simple Idea for Customers Not in Attendance
Shipping News Feature
UK – EUROPE – US – CANADA – The rise of ecommerce has meant that the problems which express parcel carriers face when dealing with home deliveries are manifold and so therefore are the solutions. Earlier this month it was robots tasked with bringing the goods to the door and now a start-up company based in Winchester, Hampshire has arrived at an ingenious but much lower tech idea for customers who are away when the courier’s driver calls which avoids the need for the annoyingly omnipresent ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card.

Brizebox are selling their wares throughout Europe and North America and says Australia and New Zealand are the next market. The boxes come in a variety of sizes in free standing and built in options and provide a way for delivery to be simply slipped into a drawer which then allows the package to drop through a false bottom which cannot be accessed when the drawer is open. A bottom chamber holds the goods securely until the owner unlocks it.

The base of the receptacle is padded with 15mm thick foam to cushion the item as it passes through to the base of the unit but the three standalone models are fitted with the company’s ‘Soft Drop’, a floating base that is suspended from springs and helps cushion the parcel as it lands which Brizebox says will protect delicate yet heavy items like a full case of wine.

The makers say all boxes are made to a very high standard. For example, zinc-coated sheet metal is used which is then powder-coated using architectural grade exterior paint. The lever mechanism operated by the handle is stainless steel, for strength and durability, and the levers for the lock are stainless steel for the same reason. Stainless steel is also used for the hinges, and nylon washers separate all moving parts. Furthermore, there are rubber seals on the drawer and door to prevent water ingress. Altogether a practical way to ensure safe delivery when the client is not in attendance.

In a bid to popularise its products the company offers online retailers and couriers the chance to gain a reward for those who encourage their own customers to purchase one of the Brizebox range and interested parties can enquire via this link.