Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Silk Road Danger Zones in the Sights of Frontline Logistics Company

Security and Logistics Combine as FSG Look to Move into China
Shipping News Feature
CHINA – BURMA – CENTRAL ASIA – Frontier Services Group Limited (FSG), who specialise in providing logistic and security services in high risk areas, has announced that it is planning to open new offices in western China to help freight companies hoping to exploit China’s plans to implement their One Belt, One Road (OBOR) development initiative, otherwise known as the new Silk Road, which will link China to Europe traversing the whole of Eurasia.

OBORs intention to open new routes and markets in the broader region is stymied by the fact that many of the geographical areas of interest, noticeably Kachin and Shan states in northern Burma, are subject to unrest and outright conflict, greatly complicating operations in this area. Additionally, many of the OBOR routes through to Europe run through central Asian countries that are less than stellar in their reputations when it comes to political stability.

To meet perceived demand for combining security and reliable logistics, which will be key to OBOR being viable, FSG is planning to open a forward operating base in China’s Yunnan province which will allow them to be able to better serve companies in Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia seeking a local security presence. Subsequently, FSG will be opening a forward operating base in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to serve businesses in the central Asian countries.

With its experience in providing security/logistics support to its customers in the frontier markets from Asia to Africa, moving into support customers on the OBOR is a logical step. The new bases will allow FSG to expand its security service offerings and establish a China based logistics team, as well as developing strategic partnerships with Chinese companies. The new bases will provide training, communications, risk mitigation, risk assessments, information gathering, medevac and joint operations centres that coordinate security, logistics and aviation. In a statement FSG said:

“Given the risk profile of many of the countries along OBOR, FSG is further expanding its security offerings. Core services will include proactive engagement with FSG clients to develop a risk mitigation scheme prior to the activation of their programmes. This may include pre-deployment training for personnel; a Global Informational Network used to identify and analyse threats and mitigate against risks and uncertainty; a Global Command Information Centre coordinated with Regional Operations Centres for Crisis Management and Business Resilience; Transportation security; Personnel Protection programmes and tracking; Camp/lodging design and supply chain security.

“In addition, FSG is building a project logistics team in China to understand the challenges and needs of our clients working on projects along OBOR. The multidisciplinary team will be able to create solutions for clients across sea, air and land, enabling FSG to better deliver services across new frontier markets.”

Erik Prince, the Chairman of FSG said:

"FSG helps businesses operating in frontier markets overcome complex security, logistics and operational challenges. We need to have the right provision in the right location to continue to give our customers the support they need, often in high risk areas. By aligning ourselves closely to China’s One Belt One Road development strategy we will be well placed to offer our customers an even better service.”

Photo – Burma’s Kachin State, a tough place to operate.