Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Sales Boss For Commercial Vehicle Telematics Specialist

Growing Technology Sector of Daimler Aims to Save Fleet Owners Money
Shipping News Feature

UK – Daimler Fleetboard have appointed Mr Steve Lovatt as Head of Sales to promote growth in the distribution of their telematics systems which are designed to make company fleets more efficient. Fleetboard are part of the Mercedes Benz parent group, Daimler AG, and telematics is the fusion of different technologies to combine the use of telecommunications with data collection and processing. Properly managed, freight and shipping operations can judge vehicle and driver performance simply by use of the information supplied remotely.

As described in a previous article, in addition to services such as vehicle tracking and mapping, logistics management and time management, Daimler FleetBoard’s systems can be used to analyse driver performance against a range of criteria and highlight areas in which improvements can be made. These include over revving, harsh braking, idling, speeding and ‘green band’ driving.

Steve Lovatt comes to the company after working for thirty years in the automotive industry, the past twelve in the newly developed telematics sector. While major fleet operators will continue to be a prime target for Daimler FleetBoard sales, the company’s new Head of Sales is convinced that smaller fleets now offer major potential for future growth.

“With so much pressure on margins, operators at all levels of our industry are realising they need to do all they can to cut costs,” says Steve. “And with companies like Tesco and Brakes achieving significant fuel savings as a direct result of adopting FleetBoard, we have a powerful story to tell.

“It was FleetBoard’s tremendous potential that attracted me to this new position – not only is the technology cutting-edge, we’re also backed by the world’s biggest truck manufacturer. The key to broadening our customer base and delivering the benefits of FleetBoard to many more operators is going to be working more closely than we’ve done previously with vehicle dealers.”

Pic: Steve Lovatt takes up his new job.