Monday, April 12, 2021

New Rail Service from a Major Container Shipping Line Has Benefits

Intermodal Option Offers New Possibilities and Less Emissions
Shipping News Feature

TURKEY – The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is by its status as the second largest container shipping line in the world, usually considered as only that, an ocean box carrier. These days however the lines between land and sea are blurring with the onset of truly intermodal transport as a one stop offering.

The latest move by MSC illustrates this perfectly as the Swiss headquartered group has opened a rail service linking Ömerli, where it uses its facility in the industrial zone of Istanbul, to Tekirdağ, 150 kilometres to the west. Note that is not the inland town of Ömerli which lies close to Syrian and Iraqi borders.

MSC runs the service via MEDLOG, its logistics arm which means it can offer door to door services in a complete supply chain package. The rail service obviates the need to battle the heavy road traffic en route whilst simultaneously cutting emissions. The rail system links to MSC’s fast Turkey Marmara Service into the UK.

Once the cargo departs Turkey via Asyaport (Port of Tekirdağ), it’s just eight days until it reaches the Port of Felixstowe in the UK (or 12 days to the Port of Liverpool). Following discharge the cargoes can be distributed using MSC’s UK intermodal network.

The Ömerli-Tekirdağ rail service operates three trains a day, six days a week (excluding Sunday) and the link means for export cargo, Tekirdağ is just 13 days from London Gateway, 14 days from Liverpool and 16 days from Felixstowe, with the option for onward rail to Istanbul’s industrial zone.