Friday, November 11, 2011

New Powered Lift Stacker To Speed Supply Chain Operations

Twin Fork Set Unit Available in the UK
Shipping News Feature

UK – Manchester based Lift Safe Ltd provide materials handling equipment ranging from furniture cages to roll and reel equipment and but their latest offering, designed to speed consignments through the supply chain, is a little unusual to say the least. The new powered stacker, the Armanni TPE SL DL, can transport two pallets at once and even lift loads over low obstacles.

The stacker truck can carry one euro pallet on forks at ground level and another on a set of forks powered by a mast lift. This pedestrian-controlled unit offers the potential to double productivity for storage and collection in warehouse operations, by simultaneously collecting or depositing a ground level pallet and one on the forks above.

Uniquely, it can also deliver ground clearance of 200mm for single loads of up to 1,800kg, allowing the operator to easily traverse ramps or other low-level obstacles. Jerry Hanss, Managing Director of Lift Safe, exclusive distributor for the innovative unit in the UK said:

“The Armanni machine takes the capabilities of powered stackers to a whole new level. The enhancements it offers in efficiency, productivity, safety and mobility mean that the Armanni machine delivers a great return on investment.”

Powered by a 24V, 130 AH traction battery, the TPE can lift loads of 1,050kg up to heights of 1,400mm, to help operators load or unload goods without straining their backs. The simple mast design ensures that the user has superb visibility of the load and the forks at all times. Standard features include an electromagnetic brake for safe parking on slopes, low battery warning indicator and regenerative braking to prolong the battery charge.

Designed to be durable and robust, the TPE has shock absorbers on the drive wheels, stabilising wheels with heavy duty castors and hermetically sealed bearings and pins, with self-lubricating bushings. The Armanni TPE SL DL is available now from Lift Safe Ltd. Prices start from £8,500+VAT and competitive finance packages are available. For further details click HERE.