Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Polished Logistics Service Gives Freight Customers the Edge

Dachser Invest and Increase Service Schedules
Shipping News Feature

UK - POLAND – Freight and logistics provider Dachser UK has added to its network of services with a regular direct pallet service to its Strykow branch in Poland, from where consignments are delivered across the whole of the country. This new direct Polish service adds to the existing departures via the Dachser hub and spoke network and the company claims it ‘polishes up’ its service offering by further optimising transit times to the Polish market. Nick Lowe, Dachser’s UK Managing Director, comments:

“Despite a slight strengthening of Sterling against the Euro a few months ago, the prevailing exchange rate conditions still favour UK exporters and assists them to be competitive in European markets. Of course, the tailing off in demand across almost all economies makes trading conditions very difficult, but UK exporters certainly have an opportunity to gain market share.

“Dachser’s aim is always to assist UK exporters by providing fast and reliable delivery services into Europe. We hear regular calls for Britain to concentrate on export markets, and the importance of strengthening our manufacturing sector. The UK is already the seventh largest manufacturer in the world by output value, so there is certainly a basis on which to build, and we are seeing the effects of this.”

Dachser UK says it has experienced an increase of 35% in export volumes over the past year, and is responding to its customers needs in a number of ways including improvements to its IT systems. Direct services into Europe from its north-west branch in Rochdale have been introduced and new investments in trucks and trailers have been made with the number of direct line-haul connections being increased, the current development for Poland being a good example.