Wednesday, September 5, 2018

New Partnership Aims to Eliminate Expensive Mistakes in Custody Transfers of LNG

Accurate Quantification of the Modern Maritime Fuel is Paramount
Shipping News Feature
AUSTRALASIA – SWEDEN – WORLDWIDE – Marine technology group Trelleborg, which tends to be featured more for its hard engineered products, has shown its range with a new strategic partnership to meet the global demand for more accurate and efficient LNG custody transfer. Unlike filling the tank of a truck with fuel, LNG custody transfer, the transfer of the ownership of LNG from one organisation to another, has long involved serious fiscal risk given significant uncertainties in traditional tank measurement. Quantities are traditionally invoiced in units of transferred LNG based on a calculation of volume, density, and gross caloric value.

Historically, and most importantly, measurement inaccuracies can, and have had, a significant financial impact for both exporters and importers. For instance, just a 1% error in LNG transferred can result in a significant loss of revenue due to misallocation during the transfer. Now the Swedish headquartered group has seen its Marine Systems Division join with Australasian engineering consultancy, Synertec, to ensure these problems are eliminated.

Under the new agreement, Trelleborg will distribute Synertec’s ISO 6974, ISO 8943 and GIIGNL (2017) compliant LNG custody transfer system across its global sales network. The skid mounted module system ensures the precise measurement of loaded LNG, removing the potential for financial losses and the need for extensive laboratory testing. Synertec claims its product has been used to great success across many high-profile LNG projects across Australasia, the makers say the system is suitable for all LNG applications. Michael Carroll, Managing Director of Synertec, said:

“We’ve built a strong reputation across Australasia and now, boosted by the global reach of Trelleborg, we look forward to meeting the global demand for more accurate and efficient LNG custody transfer.”

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation’s portfoilo comprises bespoke fender systems, docking and mooring equipment and vessel efficiency technology, as well as oil and gas transfer technology, for marine environments all over the world. Speaking of the new deal Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, commented:

“With more LNG capacity coming on stream year on year, we are seeing increasing demand not just for large scale transportation of cargoes but also for more FSRU applications and, of course, the growth of LNG fuelling for marine vessels. All of these applications have one key requirement in common, the safe, efficient and timely transfer of LNG from one tank system to another.

“One key critical element in achieving this is the interface between ship and port, on land and at sea, a space that like Trelleborg, Synertec specialises within. The ship to shore interface demands that we, across the industry, come together and use all of our skills and talents as technologists and innovators to make it happen, which is exactly what our strategic partnership with Synertec aims to do.

“There are clear synergies between the two companies, from our combined technical expertise to our shared commitment to optimising the interface, which is critical to supporting the business model of every transfer operation. Working with Synertec, we’re able to provide our customers across the globe with an enhanced LNG transfer operation that does exactly that.”