Tuesday, March 16, 2021

New Online Book Takes a Photographic Record of a Year of Covid-19

Spanish Port Publishes a History of the Pandemic Effect
Shipping News Feature

SPAIN – Who doesn't love a great photograph? In a strange period of history, the like of which has been unknown to anyone alive today, one shipping industry stalwart has managed to capture the moment in an online book of stunning images.

This week marks one year since the State of Alarm was declared in Spain to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, which marked a new way of living and coexisting that has transformed our time. In a year full of memories that evoke emotions, thoughts and uncertainties that all have shared in the face of the unusual situation, the Port of Valencia has managed to complete a photographic record of the time.

Valenciaport, in collaboration with the Valencian public television station À Punt, captured in a public exhibition ‘Unforgettable Images’ a literal snapshot as seen through the lenses of Spanish citizens who have portrayed some of the most difficult moments of the pandemic.

To preserve the memories, the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), together with those of A Coruña, Alicante and Castellón, has now published an online book (viewable HERE) containing a representation of these indelible photographs. It is meant as a tribute to the efforts of the entire population to overcome the challenge caused by the coronavirus.

The compilation is an exercise in collective memory through images that were unthinkable until a year ago. Photographs and videos that relate very diverse personal experiences in which we can all recognise ourselves. Multiple visions: neighbours from the city, health workers, port community, shopkeepers, hoteliers, all of them will remain in our memory and we can identify with them.

In addition to the photographs collected by the PAV, the book contains images that have been compiled by the Port of A Coruña, Alicante Port and PortCastelló, the four institutions which, with the collaboration of Puertos del Estado, have given space to people to represent their particular view of the health crisis through everyday images. Places close to each other and united by the same activity that show how the pandemic has been experienced in a similar way in all parts of Spain.

In the case of Valenciaport, the initiative received nearly 2,000 images sent in by the citizens of Valencia and residents of l'Horta, which illustrate how society has dealt with the Coronavirus pandemic from different points of view, reflecting aspects such as the actions of health personnel, teleworking, confinement, or adaptation to de-escalation.

Nearly 4,700 people came to the Clock Building in the Port of Valencia to see the exhibition ‘Unforgettable Images’ between 16 September and 12 October 2020, when the exhibition was open to the public; a further 2,500 visited it online. In total, some 7,200 people were touched by the 200 physical photographs and the 1,900 images that were captured on television screens or the video ‘Les cares de la pandemia’ with testimonies of different people and professionals captured by the cameras of 'À Punt'.

The PAV says that the initiative also had a great impact on national and international media and an important response on social networks, which resulted in dialogue and reflection among Valencian society. It was for this reason, the PAV wanted to publish this downloadable book in pdf, together with the port authorities of A Coruña, Alicante and Castellón, the result of cooperation between the port and the public, to pay tribute to the efforts of the entire population to overcome the pandemic together.