Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Office For Shipping Classification Company

Singapore to Act as Regional Centre
Shipping News Feature

SINGAPORE – This week saw the opening of a new office for vessel classification society the International Register of Shipping (IRS) which will act as the organisations regional centre. Established since 1993 IRS already have a network of surveyors working in over 100 countries, and serve over 1300 vessels of all types.

“Singapore is one the busiest ports in the world and with a free market economy and political stability, many shipping companies are making this their home,” says Julian Padilla, Chairman of the Board of International Register of Shipping. “We intend to be the preferred service provider to these companies.

“With the opening of our Singapore office, we will be closer to ship operators who can benefit from our technical consulting services, including preparation, submission and approval of the SOPEP, PCSOPEP, Garbage Plan, Ship Security Plan, Safety Management System, Loading Manual, Trim & Stability booklet, and so on.”

The company, headquartered in Miami, Florida, say the new office is staffed by highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel who have been working in the classification society business for many years. The team includes marine engineers, naval architects, master mariners, marine oil and gas specialists, marine risk and security specialists, oil terminal specialists and quality/environment/safety and safety lead auditors.

“They will bring their wealth of experience and talent to work in collaboration with the local authority, ship owners and ship managers to meet the ever changing and stringent maritime standards,” says Mr Padilla.