Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Ocean Freight Contract for Automotive RoRo Shipping Line

Toyota Select Carrier for North American Deliveries
Shipping News Feature

JAPAN – NORTH AMERICA – RoRo car carrier Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics AS (WWL) has strengthened its relationship with global giant the Toyota Motor Corporation with the news the company has been awarded the latest contract to provide ocean freight transportation of its passenger cars from Japan to North America.

WWL already provides Toyota with ocean shipping services for completely built units from Japan to Europe and Toyota Group companies with ocean and land-based services in Europe, USA, Australia and Africa and the Japan to North America Ocean Service award is the latest extension of the partnership between the two companies.

The first vessel departed from Japan 12 September and will arrive at the US East Coast at the beginning of October. The cars were loaded at the Toyota dedicated facility the Tahara ocean terminal which is located next to the Toyota Tahara plant in Japan’s Aichi prefecture and the first cars are destined for the ports of Jacksonville, Florida and Newark, New Jersey.

WWL says it is continuing to strengthen its global ocean and land-based service network to support the needs of its customers for the transportation of Automobiles, High- and Heavy Equipment and a broader range of RoRo cargoes. The news comes even as a series of antitrust cases against many of the major RoRo automotive carriers, including WWL, are still being resolved through the US Courts after proven and alleged cartel actions by the shipping lines, whilst WWL itself settled a multi-million dollar case with the South African authorities as recently as July this year.