Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Maritime Satellite Communication Antenna Aids the Modern Digital Vessel

Versatility Welcomed by Suppliers Enabled by Advance in Connectability
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – Intellian Technologies, based in Seoul, South Korea, which produces maritime satellite communication antenna technology introduced the v65, a 60cm class Ku/Ka convertible satellite communications system at the recent Satellite 2017 show in Washington DC. The v65 is aimed at driving the adoption of new connectivity solutions in the mobility market by making access to both Ku and Ka band on the same antenna system simple and cost-effective.

Servicing the maritime sector new satellites and systems seem to emerge all the time, some operating in Ku-band and others in Ka-band. Fleet Managers are challenged with limited funds and the responsibility to choose a solution that enables the requirements of a digital ship while delivering the best return on investment. The v65 is built upon the same pedestal as Intellian’s GX60 terminal, which is currently deployed on vessels using Inmarsat’s Ka-band Fleet Xpress service and which the manufacturer says has the best RF performance in its class.

The introduction of the convertible v65 makes Intellian the world’s only manufacturer to offer both 1metre and 65centimetre Ku/Ka convertible antenna systems. The company’s 1 metre platform is the world’s most popular maritime VSAT system, currently in operation across both frequencies, including on Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) network. In its Ka-band configuration the v65 is designed for use on GX as well. Matthew Galston, Director of Strategic Marketing, Intellian explains:

“Conventional antenna technology forces a choice between one frequency, or the other. CTOs and CFOs are risk averse by nature and want to avoid being limited in their ability to do what’s best for their business at any given time. Our new 65 centimetre Ku/Ka convertible platform directly addresses this problem, a minimal investment in a compact conversion kit allows the v65 to move between Ku- and Ka-band operation in as little as 10 minutes.”

Those supported by the new system were enthusiastic about the possibilities it offers with Shane Rossbacher, SVP Business Development, Inmarsat Maritime, saying:

“The maritime market’s attention is shifting from finding the lowest available cost for connectivity to finding the best possible technology platform that drives a true digital transformation by using business applications in combination with our Inmarsat Gateway. This is what Fleet Xpress is all about, so for Intellian to help create an easy path to our solution is great news.”

Marlink, another long time Intellian partner, is amongst the first to offer the v65 for use on their 60 centimetre global Ku-band network. As a key Value Added Reseller of the Fleet Xpress service, they also see great value in the convertible product. Tore Morten Olsen, President of Marlink, observed:

“Marlink is committed to delivering the best solution for each of our customers, whatever that may be. With offerings in both Ku- and Ka-bands, this is an ideal product to provide the kind of flexibility required by any global business.”