Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Logistics eSystem Solution To Combine Cargo Transport Modes

Schenker Introduces New Products
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Schenker Limited, the freight division of the global services provider DB Schenker Logistics, can now offer e-Business solutions for all modes of transport from one single portal. The company says that the eSchenker portal is able to be specifically combined to suit customers’ logistical needs for cargo shipped by any method to provide an optimal solution. It also aims to simplify the completion of routine procedures such as export bookings, monitoring inbound/cross trade shipments, simple or advanced tracking and statistical reporting. David Harrison, Commercial Director Schenker Limited said:

“These options are free to use to all customers and will help our clients with improving their efficiencies. They also give them a variety of options to suit what they need.”

This news comes a few weeks after DB Schenker launched its new global freight transportation monitoring service DB SchenkerSmartbox which allows customers to track consignments through the eSchenker website. Diederick de Vroet, Head of Global Ocean Freight at DB Schenker Logistics said:

“We have observed that high-value products are increasingly being transported by container around the world on all of the important routes. Our customers are therefore increasingly interested in additional security and quality assurance for their transports using state-of-the-art visibility solutions. And our new service meets their demands.”