Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New LCL Service from Freight Consolidator and Logistics Partner

New York to Helsinki Opens Gateway to Russia
Shipping News Feature

US – FINLAND – Ocean freight consolidator and NVOCC CaroTrans has announced a new LCL service between New York and Helsinki this week with the intention of increasing penetration into the North Western Russian market. The company says this routing eliminates transhipment costs and delays associated with freight moving via adjacent ports in Northern Europe. The service is offered in partnership with Swedish headquartered freight and logistics group Nordicon, long term partner of CaroTrans in Scandinavia.

The two companies have cooperated on a host of services with Nordicon having offices in Finland, Norway and Denmark as well as Sweden which offer a fully integrated domestic trucking and warehousing network and advanced IT systems. CaroTrans in cooperation with Nordicon also offers direct export services from New York to Oslo; Chicago, Houston and New York to Gothenburg and Gothenburg to Chicago and New York import services with Nordicon having on-carriage available to such final destinations as Kotka, Lappeenranta and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Finnish imports from the US last year reached $2.4 billion with high end product such as aircraft, telecommunications and computer equipment, cars etc. being the most expensive items. Established in 1979 CaroTrans itself has a broad US network including 14 offices and 26 container freight stations to provide customers with secure freight handling, reduced inland transportation costs and close proximity to dedicated local personnel. CEO Greg Howard commented:

“Our customers find significant value in our expanding global service network of direct export and import services. These point-to-point service choices help ensure supply chain consistency and reliability. When there’s less freight handling, cargo moves with greater stability and efficiency.”