Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Italian Supply Chain Contract For Freight and Logistics Group

CEVA Warehousing is by the Book
Shipping News Feature

ITALY- The logistics of any form of publishing contract is usually welcomed by freight and logistics companies despite the labour intensive nature of the work, making them a prime target for any half decent sales team. Now CEVA, a company which epitomises the international nature of the shipping business given its geographical pedigree, informs us that it has been awarded a five year supply chain contract by a key player in the Italian school publishing sector La Scuola S.p.A.

CEVA will manage the warehousing activities for the Italian group’s subsidiary materials and school books intended for primary and secondary schools in Italy. The logistics operator will also handle inbound and outbound products, the preparation of orders and the transport of books to warehouses, dealers and agents. In addition, CEVA will be responsible for returns, ordinary and special waste handling and pricing and labelling changes for individual books.

Each year, CEVA in Italy will handle 4.3 million items, totalling 21.5 million books through the length of the contract and will dedicate 2,600 sq m within the City of Books, the cutting-edge logistics platform located in Stradella, near Pavia, designed specifically for CEVA’s publishing customers. The 80,000 sq m warehouse, where 90 million books are handled every year, was built to support key players within the publishing industry in developing their business. Enrico Maria Greco, Managing Director of La Scuola S.p.A., said:

“The multi-user capabilities that the City of Books offers will optimize our logistics cost while simplifying our supply chain and improving its efficiency. By working with CEVA, we are sure that we can guarantee our distribution network on time and prompt deliveries, improving the service provided to the final consumer.”