Monday, January 25, 2016

New Intermodal 'Transloading' Tool Boosts Rail Freight Outfits Multimodal Capabilities

Warehouse and Transhipment Facilities Located at the Click of a Mouse
Shipping News Feature
NORTH AMERICA – Genesee & Wyoming (G&W), which owns or leases 120 freight railroads around the globe, including since last year the UK’s Freightliner network, has improved its multimodal capabilities by installing an interactive facility on its website giving customers information regarding its intermodal and warehouse facilities located within 150 miles of the company’s 113 short line and regional freight railroads in North America.

This ‘Transloading’ tool will enable users to filter results by city, state, zip code or railroad name, and the zip code search can display intermodal sites within a 25-, 50-, 100- or 150-mile radius. Information in each entry includes the transload site address along with railroad sales contact information, the number of railcar spots, Class 1 railroad interchanges and a detailed photo with Google Maps integration that allows users to drill down on the location.

The new tool can be accessed here and was enthusiastically described by Mike Webb, G&W’s Senior Vice President of distribution services who said:

“The tool is invaluable for businesses looking to tap into freight rail economics, increase efficiency and better manage supply chains. By staging inventory at the warehouses, transloads and bulk terminals located on G&W’s freight railroads, businesses have the opportunity to improve their supply chain costs.

“Potential customers along G&W-owned railroads who do not have a rail siding or are not located directly on the tracks can use the new tool to find the closest transload operation. Many G&W railroads have access to multiple Class 1 rail carriers, which gives customers flexibility with their transportation and transloading decisions.”