Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Heavy Goods Vehicle Centre to Reduce Swiss Truck Offences

All Italian Freight Traffic via Gotthard Road Tunnel Must Report
Shipping News Feature

ERSTFELD, SWITZERLAND – A new modern facility at Ripshausen has opened to ensure no vehicles violate the strict Swiss vehicle laws. All trucks must henceforth report for checking vehicles and loads and to await clearance to enter the tunnel.

The tragic fire of 2001 which left eleven dead has meant drastic measures to ensure there will never be a repetition of the chaotic scenes which ensued following the collision of two lorries in the tunnel. Since that time only certain numbers of vehicles are allowed transit through the tunnel at any one time. This has led to delays and frustration and hopefully the provision of proper waiting areas at Ripshausen, plus two smaller similar centres at the southern end of the tunnel which are planned, will alleviate the problem.

The new centre will have full facilities for drivers waiting to pass through to Italy and it is believed that they will welcome the vehicle and load checks which negate the possibility of unscrupulous operators flaunting the regulations. Up to 495 vehicles can be accommodated at the new centre at any one time.

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