Thursday, July 30, 2009

New GM Commercial Vehicle service plan announced

Vauxhall UK announce cheaper service deal to cut MOT failures
Shipping News Feature

UK - The commercial vehicle division of Vauxhall UK have laid out their plans to assist British hauliers reduce the growing number of MOT failures caused by lack of routine maintenance.

As usual in times of recession the first economy many smaller hauliers make is in regular vehicle maintenance. Extension of the service intervals on a vehicle which appears to be performing well despite the obvious neglect can prove a very short sighted policy.

In recent years manufacturers have produced vehicles with ever extended servicing periods but this has tended to mean that services are, if anything, more important, as they become more comprehensive. The new scheme is for Vauxhall owners to pay a set fee, starting at just £32.99 per month, which will insure them against regular service costs and normal wear and tear items.

Figures released by the Retail Motor Industry Federation show an initial failure rate for class 7 commercial vehicles of almost 45%. The RMIF estimate that 12 out of the 14 fail categories are directly influenced by proper scheduled maintenance.

In a statement by Mr Richard Collier, sales manager for General Motors in the UK & Ireland, he reiterated that it was “vitally important to keep up regular servicing” both because of safety issues and the effect of lack of maintenance on the residual value of commercial vehicles.