Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Generation Container Vessels Demand Up To Date Ship to Shore Cranes

Liebherr Sell Largest Ever Box Movers in South America
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH AMERICA – Crane maker Liebherr has sold the largest container cranes it has ever manufactured for the west coast of South America with the recent purchase by the Chilean based Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso (TPS) of three Ship-to-Shore units, specifically designed to meet the newest demands mounted by the new generation of box vessels employed by shipping companies.

The new ships such as CMA CGM’s Marco Polo typically have a capacity of more than 16,000 TEU and with breadths in excess of 53 metres the new cranes, manufactured by Irish based Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd are able to cope with these excessive dimensions having an outreach of 62 metres and a safe working load of 65 tonnes under a twin lift spreader.

The cranes incorporate the latest security and control technologies, and feature comfortable and ergonomic operator cabins. An integrated remote monitoring system allows for efficient crane operation and for monitoring and management of the cranes from within the terminal. Recent changes in the shipping industry have seen large Post-Panamax vessels calling to South America’s west coast, and central Chile has seen a 15% increase in container movement over the last three years. The acquisition of the Liebherr cranes by TPS allows the port to play a central role in meeting this continued demand by offering greater operational efficiency.

With this purchase, which is part of a comprehensive development plan in terms of capacity and technology, TPS has once again placed itself at the forefront of Valparaiso’s port industry providing the ability to match the service levels of other port operations worldwide, all of whom need to gear up their facilities to maintain a competitive edge with the capability to handle the new wider, deep draught container vessels.