Friday, June 27, 2014

New Game Launched to Educate School Pupils about Freight and Logistics Supply Chain

For So Long an Anonymous Industry it's Time to Show How Important the Shipping of Goods is to the Modern World
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UK – Today saw the launch of the much awaited Business on the Move board game, designed specifically to give children in education an idea of how important the logistics industry is to each and every one of them, and how the supply chain works. The sector has traditionally been invisible to the man in the street, made up as it is by so many elements, all working together to ensure everything gets delivered on time and in good order. The game, sponsored by the great and the good from every part of the freight and retail community, will be initially rolled out to five hundred schools.

The launch, at the National Union of Teachers’ Headquarters in London, saw representatives from the industry and the education sector join primary school pupils, secondary students and apprentices playing Business on the Move, and hopefully demonstrating how to really run a successful logistics business!

The really clever thing about the new board game is that the sponsors, whether they be multimodal operators, third-party logistics providers and specialist experts, or even trade and professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) or the Road Haulage Association (RHA), all are faithfully represented in their own roles in what is the world’s largest business.

As many as 15,000 kids are expected to play the game this year, that’s a whole generation which hitherto would have had no idea that everything, from the paper in their printer to that designer handbag, had to pass through innumerable hands and processes before it arrived with them.

At the launch was a specially invited guest panel to include chairman Derrick Potter of Potter Logistics, featuring Steve Agg (CEO of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport), Max Hyde (President of the National Union of Teachers), Grace Breen (Policy Adviser at the Confederation of British Industry) and Robert Cooper (Stakeholder Manager at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills) plus numerous sponsors and ten specially delivered game sets arrived by air freight, in advance of the first bulk delivery due to arrive in early August, to enable the first players to test the game.

It is hoped that interest in the board game will transfer into the real world and utilise the linked learning activities developed by sponsors to extend their knowledge in specific areas. Further details were released at the launch about this and Platinum sponsors have priority until July 6 to book their ‘Training Event’ for the autumn term after which time bookings will be opened up to Gold sponsors to register for their own ‘Training Event’.

The game is well represented on social media with a presence on Twitter, Facebook and a Blog.

Photo: A train carrying Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) containers rolls in (courtesy Potter Logistics).