Monday, April 3, 2017

New Freight in Motion Automatic Measuring System Introduced at Chicago Event

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Shipping News Feature
US – Northrop Grumman Corporation subsidiary, Adaptive Optics Associates (AOX) will introduce its new DynaDim PF1000 In-Motion Dimensional Pallet Scanner and AOX ImageHub at the PROMAT 2017 show in Chicago from today. The DynaDim Dimensioner is the logistic industry’s first in-motion travel lane dimensional scanner. The system measures freight while it is being transported by forklifts in the normal operational flow through the supply chain.

The scanning system will enable shippers to audit nearly all freight in Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) facilities and accurately measure each shipment automatically whilst they are are being moved. It is capable of measuring freight with accuracy while it is being transported by fork lift trucks travelling at speeds of up to 8 mph. The makers claim that the DynaDim Dimensioner will allow shippers to improve operational planning, manage margins, cost and revenue by offering accurate, real-time, dimensions of every shipment. The team will show video demos of the DynaDim Dimensioner at their show booth.

AOX’s ImageHub enterprise solution will enable centralised auditing of parcels in near real-time and provides enterprise wide access to parcel information, via a simple web interface. Paired with the DynaDim Dimensioner, the ImageHub assimilates parcel information from around the world with the information for packages requiring further analysis being queued by the ImageHub for review by inspectors located at off-site facilities. Hundreds of inspectors can theoretically simultaneously access ImageHub enterprise solution’s database to evaluate packages. M. Roman Hachkowski, general manager, AOX, said:

“The team is excited to introduce the DynaDim Dimensioner and the ImageHub enterprise solution at PROMAT. Both products are AOX’s latest innovative image measurement solutions for the logistics industry.”