Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Freight Container Terminal Sparks Intermodal Road Rail Haulage Activity

Christmas Special Train Runs to Prove a Point
Shipping News Feature
UK – FRANCE – In order to demonstrate the advantages of the rail - road haulage multimodal system, GB Railfreight this week ran a special Christmas intermodal train from Maritime Transport’s Birmingham Intermodal Freight Terminal, Birch Coppice, to the Port of Liverpool. This is the first time a service has been run between the two sites and the development of Liverpool2, a new deep water container terminal, will doubtless increase the demand for overland transport solutions.

An important moment for Peel Ports (owner and operator of the Port of Liverpool), the service demonstrates the company’s ability, in partnership with GB Railfreight and Maritime Transport, to run regular container services between Birmingham and Liverpool, providing an alternative to moving containers by road.

Locomotive 66729 was used to haul eight IFA ‘Q80’ flat wagons, leaving Birch Coppice at 20:48 and arriving at Seaforth Container Terminal at 01:39 on 23 December. It made the return journey from the container terminal at 03:30 the same day arriving at Birch Coppice at 10:53. Earlier this year, GB Railfreight ran its first intermodal train from the Port of Felixstowe to Birch Coppice, on behalf of Maritime Transport. John Smith, Managing Director of GBRf, said:

“The running of our special Christmas train to the Port of Liverpool demonstrates that there are huge intermodal rail freight opportunities that could arise from the Liverpool2 logistics project, and we will be working with our partners to build awareness amongst existing and new customers. The container market is an important source of growth for the industry, and it’s vital that we provide the terminal and network infrastructure that allows us to meet present and future consumer demand.”

Elsewhere Eurotunnel is closing out the year on a high note with the news that, less than a week after Le Shuttle Freight carried the 23 millionth truck through the Channel Tunnel since commercial services started, the Le Shuttle Freight service has hit a new all-time record, beating the previous high set in 2012, a time when London Olympic traffic boosted the figures.

Despite the horrendous migrant problems we have written about seemingly ad infinitum the new truck terminal security put in place in October 2015 seems to have worked and boosted the figures which show that Le Shuttle has carried more than 1,464,880 trucks in both directions between Folkestone (Kent) and Coquelles (Pas-de-Calais) still with a week to spare in 2015.

Photo: Liverpool 2 plan