Friday, May 29, 2015

New Freight and Logistics HQ Gets a Royal Launch

After Just Nine Months Terminal Expansion is Needed
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK – Both Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her Prince Consort, Prince Henrik, are known to be artistic and therefore freight and logistics provider DSV was only too happy when the Prince Consort, an enthusiastic poet and sculptor, provided a version of a piece he first modelled in the 1980’s, to adorn the main entrance of the transport company’s new global headquarters in Hedehusene.

At the official inauguration Prince Henrik unveiled the piece, remodelled by the French born sculptor in 2013, and one of six identical sculptures named ‘La Main du Createur’ (Hand of the Creator), and commenting on the piece, he said:

“When I create, I just let my feelings take form, and this is what came from that process.”

The reception for 200 specially invited guests then saw the party move into the building where Director of DSV property, Brian Winther Almind, again welcomed the guests and briefly outlined the design, interior and functionality of the building and terminal. He also revealed that the terminal will soon be extended by another 10,000 m2, to be completed at the end of 2015, an enlargement which had become necessary due to the expansion of the business in the nine months since its completion.

Among the guests were customers, suppliers and stock holders and the two-hour inauguration event was concluded by a reception, a buffet for the guests in the canteen, and an invitation to have a walkabout in the building. Guides had been placed strategically at the staircase on each floor to help answer any questions that the guests might have, and for an hour or so, curious guests walked around the three floors, occasionally stopping to talk to staff.