Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Fortnightly Mongolian Groupage Freight Service from LTL and Multimodal Carrier

Plans to Extend Routes to North America, Australia and South East Asia
Shipping News Feature

LITHUANIA – MONGOLIA – A.R.T. Logistics, a specialist multimodal project company that works with large multinational companies in the oil & gas, power generation and mining sectors moving freight throughout Central Asia, the CIS, Mongolia and Asia, has launched a twice monthly Less-Than-Truckload (LTL or groupage) service connecting Europe to Mongolia.

Operating from its hub in Vilnius, Lithuania, which A.R.T. Logistics established in 2008, the trucks will cover the 7,000 kilometres journey in between 11 and 13 days across very harsh terrain, using a team of experienced local drivers. Twenty five European countries are connected with multiple destinations in Central Asia on existing traffic lanes with the addition now of Ulan Bator in Mongolia on the new service via the Vilnius warehouse.

Based at the hub facility, the company’s staff will also provide a range of value-added logistics services including sorting, marking, packing, order collection and weighing. A.R.T. Logistics also organises cross docking of shipments according to the Customs requirements of the EU, Russia and Mongolia. Tatiana Serova, Commercial Director of A.R.T. Logistics said:

“We launched the trucking service primarily to meet growing demand from international mining companies operating in Mongolia, the transit time is the fastest available in the market. Apart from mining equipment we are transporting essential supplies for mining personnel. The deliveries are time critical and we have a robust and reliable service with our own experienced support staff based at key locations along the route and at the borders.”

Mongolia’s mining industry is booming and accounted for 87.7% of the country’s exports in 2012. Mongolia is the largest supplier of coking coal to China with approximately 34% share by volume in the first half of 2012. A.R.T Logistics says it also has plans to extend the Mongolian service to the North American market and eventually to Australia and South East Asia.