Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Fork Lift Truck Increases Cargo Carrying Capacity In Narrow Aisles

Electric Articulated Flexi Can Shift Heavier Loads
Shipping News Feature

UK - One of the factors that sometimes counts against articulated narrow aisle fork lift trucks is the perception that they lose lift capacity when handling freight when compared to a more recognisable counterbalance model. Now Flexi Narrow Aisle has announced the addition of a new model designed to handle heavy loads in very narrow aisle storage schemes.

Often it is necessary to employ two trucks to work in one environment, a counterbalance to unload vehicles and demount pallets and an articulated to place the goods into the extremely narrow aisles which only they can operate in. With the introduction of the new electric-powered Flexi HiLOAD, which features a heavy duty, high vision, tilting lift, mast design, loads of 2.5 tonnes can be stowed at heights of 9.5 metres.

Maximum ‘over rotation’ and digital encoder steering combine to ensure that one turn is all that is required to enter or de-stack a pallet which results in speed of operation and Flexi Narrow Aisle expect that the new truck will be of particular interest to companies operating outside the typical market sectors, such a grocery retail, which traditionally use this type of truck.