Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Ferry Rest Facilities for Accompanied Freight Trailer Drivers Aid Tachometer Rest Times

Investment in Development of Port Terminal Almost Complete
Shipping News Feature
UK – IRELAND – Drivers of accompanied trailers using ferry services will always gravitate to the most comfortable facilities, both during a crossing and in the often long periods waiting for a vessel. Now P&O Ferries has improved things for freight drivers using its Liverpool – Dublin route with a major investment in a redesign of the layout at the English port.

Development works began at the start of the year and are scheduled to be completed shortly after Easter. The capacity of the safe parking area on the terminal, where drivers can access showers and rest room facilities, is being increased from 35 vehicles to 70 and crucially, drivers in this area can now designate the time spent waiting in the terminal as a rest period on their Tachometer.

Previously drivers were obliged to leave the devices showing they were either on a break or on ‘other work’ until they were physically on the vessel. This could mean delays as they would be forced to subsequently take a full rest period even if they had been asleep in their cab. By law, HGV drivers have to complete a continuous nine hour rest period during each working day. P&O Ferries' Port Manager at Liverpool, Brian McFarlane, said:

"This is a major improvement for the route as the voyage between Liverpool and Dublin takes eight hours. With an extra hour's rest while they wait to board the ship, all drivers can continue their onward journeys as soon as they arrive in Dublin. A key part of the attractiveness of the route is the end-to-end journey times for loads which might have originated in central or eastern Europe.

“With an extra 30 plus drivers able to designate the whole of their time spent with us as a rest period, we are providing a better service to an additional 30 plus customers per sailing. This increase will pretty much ensure that all accompanied freight vehicles travelling to Dublin can be accommodated on the terminal."