Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Eco Friendly Truck Washer Could Give Your Fleet New Look

Vader Cleaner a Boon for Fleet Managers
Shipping News Feature

USA – JIM Mfg of Welcome, MN, have developed a new trailer cleaning machine that could prove invaluable to fleet operators. The innovative, self-contained mobile brush wash system can be used by anyone familiar with driving a forklift, is ecologically much friendlier than existing chemical cleaners and usable in your own yard, dispensing with the need to spend the time, effort, and money to take trailer after trailer through an offsite commercial facility, or an expensive, onsite washing bay.

The vehicle, the Vader I 5000 Series, also captures, reclaims and recycles water. By reclaiming 99.9% of the water that normally would fall onto the ground, the system reuses this water for the next wash with clean water always used for rinsing. This dramatically reduces water usage and washing expenses. As a result, as many as 20 trailers can be washed using only a single tank of water.

At only 6-8 minutes per trailer, and very little chemical use, JIM Mfg state that: “…maintaining or improving a positive image and reputation - more important now than ever - is much more affordable in terms of money and time.”

“Dirty trailers are image busters, but with regular washing, a fleet conveys a reputable and reliable impression to customers. A good, clean image commands respect, and is valuable promotion in itself. Now there is a completely mobile, self-contained, patented brush washing system that can be put to work on the lot.”

JIM Mfg also believes that the Vader is a far superior solution to cleaning vehicles over traditional methods such as cleaner bays or pressure wand washing. The company points out that building an onsite wash bay costs a huge amount of money, as well as requiring governmental permits for waste disposal, whilst commercial cleaners often use products that can prove hostile to paintwork.

One user is Chris Smith, shop manager of Vitran Express’ Minnesota depot. He estimates that the purchase of a Vader has saved him around 75% over using a wash bay after wages considerations are accounted for.

With a hundred trailers to be cleaned regularly Smith says that the Vader is “…the only effective way to get our trailers clean. Imagine bringing that many to the wash bay, cleaning each one, parking each one. It would take you two or three days.”

He added that: “All the controls are easy to use. The operation is slick. It's got four wheel steering so you can turn on a dime. It's a dream to use.”