Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Documentation System for Ghana Import and Transit Cargo

Delays to Customs Clearance and Fines if Paperwork Not Lodged in Advance
Shipping News Feature

GHANA – The Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA) will soon require an Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) document, validated at the loading port, covering each Bill of Lading for all maritime shipments, including transit cargoes, arriving at any Ghanaian port. The ASHI will be mandatory for all imports into Ghana effective Bill of Lading date March 1. The Ghana Shippers’ Authority, in a statement, said:

“The ASHI document is a requirement for cargo clearance through Customs at the seaports of Ghana. Any shipment not accompanied by a valid ASHI document cannot be cleared through Customs and the appropriate penalties as enshrined in the law, shall apply.”

GSA has engaged the services of Antaser Afrique as its sole worldwide general agent for the management of the ASHI system through its dedicated electronic platform. Shipping lines sailing to Ghana will have to include the ASHI-number into the Bill of Lading/Sea Waybill and cargo manifest otherwise a fine would be imposed on the shipping line and the importer.