Monday, June 14, 2021

New Digital Tool to Help Ship Operators Through the Regulatory Jungle

Compliance Planner Now Available Online
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – DNV, the classification society, has launched what it believes is the first fully functional digital Compliance Planner, to help ship owners and operators wade through an ever increasing mountain of red tape apropos international regulations.

We are living through an age when both the number and complexity of international shipping regulations continues to grow. Affecting timelines and requirements, the pressure is on the owner/operator as never before to ensure all is in order.

The new Compliance Planner is intended to present a full overview of the requirements facing any vessel, or fleet, the requirements already met, those still to be fulfilled, and a tailored list of actions to ensure compliance. Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO of DNV Maritime, explained:

“We have been focused for many years now on realising the opportunities digitalisation creates for our customers, enabling them to streamline their interactions with both class and regulators. With Compliance Planner, we are now able to offer our customers a comprehensive and simple tool that can keep them not only in compliance, but ahead of the regulatory curve. This is another significant advance in our digital journey towards making the assurance process as forward-looking and frictionless as possible.”

After logging into the tool, Compliance Planner presents all of the upcoming statutory requirements based on the vessels in Veracity - Fleet Status. The results are filtered to match the vessels within a customer’s fleet and broken down into mandatory and optional requirements. It also offers an accessible information resource that will help customers familiarise themselves with new regulations. Georgios Kasimatis, Director of Regulatory Affairs at DNV Maritime added:

“This is the first time that a classification society has put together this information in a way that is simple, accessible, and automatically shows an owner or operator which regulations are affecting their fleet and when.

”Just by clicking on a regulation our customers can see all the vessels in their fleet that need to be in compliance, with the alternative options they can take. From there they can directly request the class action they need to meet the requirements. This will significantly reduce the time normally spent by staff on administration and the risk of missing key deadlines.”

Compliance Planner is available from 14/06/2021 for all DNV customers with vessels in class. Coverage of Flag State requirements is planned for inclusion in a future update.