Monday, April 18, 2016

New Customs Badge Enables John Good to Extend Airfreight Options

Import and Export Clearances Now Possible Throughout Northern England
Shipping News Feature
UK – No company survives in the logistics business for over 180 years, as John Good Shipping has, without staying abreast of current markets and particularly the rules and regulations which enables it to continue in and expand the sectors in which it works. This month a division of the Yorkshire based group, John Good Air, was delighted to be granted its own customs badge code for airfreight consignments passing through Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds Bradford airports meaning it is now able to complete import and export customs clearance at all three airports on behalf of its customers.

Based on the most traditional lines of an ocean carrier and freight forwarder, airfreight has played an increasingly important part in the carriage of goods for the long established ships agency, formed in the days when manned flight itself was still exploiting the early works of the Montgolfier brothers some sixty years before rather than considering the movement of goods, let alone powered flight.

Airfreight is of course generally now the fastest way to deliver goods, particularly if that means avoiding an ocean crossing, and is particularly useful in the case of high value cargoes and perishable commodities. Despite higher transport rates certain costs can be reduced, packing and insurance for example, and John Good Air believes that there is an expanding market for its services in which the new customs badge will prove invaluable. Seamus Jennings, Managing Director, commented:

“We are delighted to have expanded our range of services following the incorporation of our air freight division, John Good Air. With our own customs badge covering key northern airports, we are looking to establish the company as a leading provider of world-wide airfreight solutions to and from the UK. Our own customs badge will enable us to control cargo at an earlier stage in the supply chain which will benefit our customers by offering greater visibility enabling them to make informed decisions.”

Photo: Manchester Airport currently handles around 100,000 tonnes of import and export freight and mail annually.