Tuesday, March 16, 2021

New CPC Training Module Aimed at UK Commercial Driver Shortage

Lack of Suitably Qualified HGV Personnel is Critical
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UK – Nobody connected with the road haulage sector can be unaware of the shortage of suitably qualified drivers, a paucity which exists across the Channel and beyond. To try and address this one of the industry's training agencies has taken steps to address the problem.

The company has created a new Driver CPC Periodic Training module, ‘A Professional Driver’s Personal Development’, intended to help give employers more focus on developing drivers and creating attractive career pathways in their business. Quoting a shortfall figure of 76,000 professional drivers, the training agency RTITB says both Brexit and Covid have exacerbated the problem, with many EU workers leaving British shores.

A Logistics UK Skills & Employment Report in 2020 said number of EU HGV drivers fell by 36% by the second quarter of that year, mainly due to a weaker pound and uncertainty surrounding the future employment situation. Laura Nelson, Managing Director of RTITB, which claims to lead the UKs largest Driver CPC Consortium, commented:

“Even after all this time, Driver CPC is seen by many organisations as a way to deliver training that ticks a compliance box and covers the topics that help them to avoid or reduce fines. While this is important, I would argue that retaining drivers in the industry, and showcasing genuine opportunities for professional development to potential employees, is equally vital.

“With the tough times that our industry is facing, we wanted to provide a proactive way for employers to tackle this but without extra costs. We know that it’s often hard for employers to justify additional funds when newly trained drivers can easily jump ship to a different company offering higher wages. However, using Driver CPC is an ideal way for businesses to start developing drivers and reaping the benefits, without additional investment.

“The fact is that employers can no longer just say they offer career development opportunities, they need to show it if they want to attract new talent. Let’s not forget, that there are also lots of career-focused drivers that are not being catered for. Providing this type of development through Driver CPC is also essential for keeping them engaged, satisfied, and working within the sector.”

The new module, which is available to members of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium, covers topics such as teamwork, confidence, communication, and leadership skills, and is an ideal complement to a driver’s wider personal development plan. Further modules to aid career progression will be added throughout 2021. The Consortium gives employers and instructors access to a wide range of innovative and up to date training topics, which can be built into JAUPT approved, tailored courses via a new, user-friendly online portal. The system is designed to create bespoke training programmes that help drivers, and employers, get the most out of Driver CPC training hours.

To get started with RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training portal trial click HERE.

Telford based RTITB, was once known as the Road Transport Industry Training Board , although actually a private company owned by CAPITB Ltd, one of whose directors is the somewhat controversial figure of Stephen Dorrell, ex Conservative MP who later defected to the Liberal Democrats.