Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Contracts for Global Freight Group as it Opens another Green Logistics Centre

Ceva Retains Two Long Term Clients Whilst Expanding in Asia Pacific
Shipping News Feature

ITALY – TURKEY – SINGAPORE – WORLDWIDE – News from global freight outfit Ceva Logistics comes in abundance as the supply chain management company recently announced the signing of two new contracts, one extending its long standing partnership with Italian independent book distributor Messaggerie Libri, and similarly reinforcing a deal with German cleaning brand Vileda. In addition to the renewal of the two contracts, Ceva has announced the start of operations for its new logistics centre in Singapore.

Under the Italian book contract, Ceva will handle a total of fifty million items each year in a dedicated 37,000 square metre area. From this month Ceva will manage all of Messaggerie Libri’s logistics activities from the City of Books in Stradella, Pavia, as well as the supply of bookstores previously handled from the customer’s own distribution centre in Carpiano, Milan and the management of the book distributor’s editorial warehouses that was previously managed elsewhere. Giuseppe Chiellino, Managing Director of Ceva in Italy, said:

“We are delighted that Messaggerie Libri has chosen to expand its partnership with Ceva. [With the] ability to manage tens of millions products a year, we are able to provide an excellent service at competitive rates, fully integrated with Messaggerie Libri at every stage of the supply chain. The City of Books has introduced a radical innovation in the distribution framework for the publishing industry and the logistics chain has been shortened thanks to the integration upstream of inbound and finishing activities, resulting in the optimisation of flows and a reduction in associated logistics costs.”

The book group’s decision to integrate all its logistics activities was driven by its goal of consolidating the quality of service it offers. The two companies say that joint investments in cutting edge technology, like semi-automatic picking systems using radio frequency, and their combined experience in the publishing industry have resulted in the design of a high quality operation that meets Messaggerie Libri’s exacting standards across the entire supply chain, from warehousing to bookstore deliveries and returns. Claudio Fanzini, Managing Director of Messaggerie Libri, said:

“We chose Ceva to manage our complete supply chain because we know we can count on them as a strategic partner who will offer us excellent and impeccable solutions. We took this decision as we approach our 100th anniversary, in order to simplify our processes and supply chain activities. The centralisation of our logistics will provide immediate and measurable benefits to publishers and bookstores. We have chosen a centralised logistics approach through a partnership with Ceva, after more than 20 years of collaboration with them, because they are an expert player in the sector, able to provide quality solutions and significant competitive advantages thanks to flexibility, operation flow optimisation and innovative processes.”

Meanwhile in Turkey, Ceva has extended its 14 year partnership with Vileda, where under the terms of the deal, Ceva will continue carrying Vileda’s range of products to its 320 distributors and chain stores across the country. Turhan Özen, Ceva’s VP, Business Development Balkans, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia, said:

“We have worked with Vileda since 1999 and we are happy to continue our 14 year partnership through to 2015. Our experience in value added services and our flexibility in the face of Vileda’s changing needs during seasonal fluctuations and increase in their business volumes. We have successfully responded to changes in our customer’s market and provided new Less-than-Truck Load routes based on statistical analysis of Vileda’s supply chain. This provides them with a clear overview of peaks and troughs in demand and means the business can respond and adjust accordingly.”

Ceva will provide Vileda with warehousing, value added and domestic distribution services from Ceva’s new 70,000 square metre facility in Gebze. Ceva will also be responsible for production and raw material procurement planning for 340 different product lines, equalling around 2,400 tonnes inbound and outbound each month. One unique part of the contract is that Ceva is responsible for some light manufacturing on behalf of Vileda; cutting and assembling, packaging and grouping the items, prior to storing the products ready for distribution throughout the country. Vileda General Manager Selçuk Yağlıkçı, commented:

“Our cooperation with Ceva is very important in terms of carrying our customer satisfaction to a higher level. With Ceva’s support, we will deliver our products to all distributors and stockists in the fastest and most reliable way. We chose to continue the partnership with Ceva without hesitation, as we are confident that Ceva’s excellent service quality for the past 14 years will continue. Managing our warehousing, distribution and value added services from a single centre is a highly efficient solution which provides us with full visibility and a lean operation.”

As to the new Singapore operation last month Ceva announced the start of operations for its new logistics centre, housed in the 42,000 square metre, state-of-the art, multi user warehouse facility, located strategically in the eastern part of the island, with easy access to the expressways, airport and major seaports at Tampines LogisPark.

The new centre is the signature facility for Ceva in the Asia Pacific region to showcase its commitment to sustainability with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and advanced eco-design features for environmental efficiency. The advanced environmentally friendly features make the new logistics centre in Singapore a unique and innovative green facility. From its design, to layout and materials used, the centre is built with eco-sustainability in mind, to deliver lower operating costs, reduce waste and conserve energy and water.

So far among the list of high profile, confirmed customers for the site are leading companies such as Rolls-Royce, Pearson, (the global learning company) and Pigeon, a leading provider of baby and child care products.