Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Container Tracking and Data Gathering Solution Rolled Out for Shippers

Start Up Group Product Enters the Real World
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – When three operations the size of Switzerland's Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and France's CMA CGM and SNCF, two of the top three containers shipping lines in the world plus the state run rail freight and passenger leader, get involved in a start-up project, chances are it has something of potential to offer.

Such seems to be the case with TRAXENS, the container tracking and condition reporting system, which has now reached out to be deployed in real world, commercial situations and is now to be made available to all CMA CGM customers. The system operates by the installation of a Smart capsule fixed to each container which allows the measurement and reporting of several factors.

These include the location of the shipping box on both sea and land, the outside temperature variations as it travels on its journey, the intensity of shocks it may be subjected to and last, but certainly not least, all the occasions the doors are opened and closed. The management of the supply chain can thus be seen in real time through a user friendly interface.

A short video of how the system works can be seen here and CMA CGM are deploying a project team as part of their diagnostic offering which will support customers and assist in analysing data gathered. The intention is to spot weak spots along the chain and enable clients to implement solutions. Mathieu Friedberg, Senior Vice-President Commercial and Agency Network, observed:

“CMA CGM reaffirms its Customer Centricity Strategy by offering this innovative solution. With nearly 19 million containers carried in 2017, the generalisation of smart containers in the Group’s fleet will allow to collect and analyse a lot of information necessary to improve the service offered to customers and will help them optimise their supply chain.”

Photo: A TRAXENS unit in place on an MSC container.