Monday, October 29, 2012

New Container and Freight Handling Equipment for Port Group

Tractor and Crane Purchase as TPT Invest in Efficiency
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH AFRICA – Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) have celebrated an historic moment this month when their East London multi-purpose terminal took delivery of its first R70 million Liebherr mobile crane, which comes at the end of a three month period during which the group’s Durban RoRo and Maydon Wharf Terminal equipment fleet has been bolstered by the procurement of 27 haulers, tractors which ferry containers and unaccompanied trailers around the yards, representing a further investment of just over R52 million.

The acquisition of the haulers comes as part of Transnet Port Terminals’ overall R438 million investment to boost container handling capacity at the terminal, which is primarily concerned with break-bulk and RoRo cargo, with specialised capacity to handle containers. The FR230 (4x2) and FR270 (4x4) haulers that arrived during August to October are part of a fleet of 33 ordered from manufacturer, CVS Ferrari, based in Italy. The last batch of six haulers is scheduled to arrive later this month.

The new equipment will be used for hauling cargo, both on the landside and on and off RoRo vessels and will be instrumental in improving efficiencies at the terminal. Twenty five of the haulers will be used in RoRo operations and eight will be used in the break-bulk and agri-bulk operations. Zeph Ndlovu, Terminal Executive Manager for Durban RoRo and Maydon Wharf Terminal said:

“We are excited to have these new haulers as part of our equipment fleet. They boast a 5th wheel lifting capacity of 32 tonnes and a four-wheel-drive lifting stroke of 100 centimetres which will provide added flexibility for RoRo operations. The equipment also enables TPT to continue its efforts to be environmentally-friendly as the engines are built for low pollution levels, use less fuel and still offer the best performance.

“The haulers are replacing old equipment in the terminal and their use will result in increased productivity and more efficient operation. With a gross weight of 75,000 kilograms, the equipment will also enable faster and safer transportation of cargo and improve safety on the quayside and on the RoRo ramp.”

The acquisition of the Liebherr mobile crane forms part of Transnet’s Market Demand strategy which will see TPT invest R33 billion in capital projects over the next seven years with a focus on strengthening infrastructure in the terminals. Siya Mhlaluka, TPT’s GM: Eastern Cape Terminals said:

“It is indeed an exciting moment for the East London terminals as this is an historic moment when East London received its first ever mobile crane. This also reaffirms Transnet’s commitment to increasing economic activity in this region.

“The investment will address the market demand for cranes in East London to improve efficiencies to our existing customers and will further enable East London to attract non-geared vessels helping customers in this region to compete in the main stream economy.”

The MV Annette discharged the crane as a semi-assembled unit, which will be constructed by a team of engineers on site. The crane has a lifting capacity of 144 tonnes, a standard load operation of 77 tonnes and a spreader load operation of 63 tonnes.