Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Computer Game Aims to Improve Safety in the Shipping Environment

Salvage Group Views a Safer Workplace for All as Essential
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK – WORLDWIDE – As time moves on and the internet generation ages it has become more widely accepted that game playing can make a serious contribution to everyday life and work. This week we have seen the BBC covering the story of Minecraft being used in British schools to help educate kids reluctant to write up their experiences, and now towage and salvage group Svitzer has launched its own downloadable app for smartphones and tablets called Shipshaper, to play a part in safety in the shipping industry workplace.

‘Shipshape’ simply means keeping things in order, whether it be literal, as on board vessels, or within the office environment. Many incidents are caused by complacency and, with this in mind, Svitzer is putting focus on being ‘shipshape’ at work with the aim of reaching a zero incidents safety record by encouraging behavioural change. Shipshaper is a fun and challenging game that reminds shipping industry employees of the safety risks and hazards on board a vessel.

Playing as Duke Shaper, the task is to remove different obstacles around the vessel without becoming complacent, tripping on the objects and losing the game. Touch and swipe to shipshape the work environment from cleaning up oil spills on the deck to closing drawers in the on board office. The more things Duke Shaper shapes up, the more the tempo and frequency of the obstacles increases. Mika Bildsøe Lassen, Head of Communications, is excited about the potential of the game, saying:

“At Svitzer we are determined to put safety high on the agenda, both in our company and the shipping industry. Taking safety for granted is one of the biggest threats to the lives of shipping industry employees, and the Shipshaper game is an interactive and fun tool for our industry employees to remember to always stay focused on safety routines on the job.”

The Shipshaper game can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play.