Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Cloud Logistics Solution Gives Freight and Road Haulage Group More Control

Telematics Data Integrated into Transport Management System
Shipping News Feature
DENMARK – UK – EUROPE – P&O Ferrymasters, best known for road haulage services but with a portfolio covering most aspects of the supply chain from warehousing to air freight and deeps sea operations, has opted for a ghTrack cloud solution from Danish integrator and data unifier GateHouse Logistics to supplement its current Transport Management System (TMS).

The addition will become the enabler for integrating all telematics data streams coming into P&O Ferrymasters TMS, aggregating data and distributing it to validated and authorised data requests. The companies say that the advantages of ghCore also extend to P&O Ferrymasters' many sub-contractor hauliers. With unified data streams and real-time position information being tracked by P&O Ferrymasters, hauliers will no longer receive phone calls asking for updates about truck progress and position.

With sub-contractors using different systems to provide transparency over individual vehicles and their loads, managing different data streams in the firm's enterprise system was proving a costly and inefficient process. Now P&O Ferrymasters will feed its dedicated Customer Portals with real-time positioning information and therefore further optimise communication with its clients. P&O Ferrymasters contract logistics director Mark Mulder commented:

"Following P&O Ferrymasters' in-house developed Driver App and the full roll-out of real time track and trace devices on our owned trailer fleet, the remaining challenge was to connect our TMS system to the partners in Europe we daily manage for our customers within our general forwarding and 4PL Supply Chain solutions. With the addition of the Gatehouse solution, P&O Ferrymasters both in its assets as well as in its managed transport solutions is now capable of providing full visibility across the business which is truly unique in our industry."

Gateway says the ghCore module is simple to setup after which it then interprets and processes all asset data coming into an enterprise system and presents them in one unified and consolidated data stream covering vehicle location, reefer data and all other telematics data. The system can be configured to authorise who can share data and when, and data distribution can be enabled or disabled using time windows and tour information and data can only be accessed when a validated signoff is provided. User groups and user rights are easily setup for strict authentication of users and data providers and this process ensures complete integrity of asset data. Jesper Bennike, the newly-appointed CEO of GateHouse Logistics A/S concluded:

"By integrating ghCore into its enterprise system, P&O Ferrymasters gives a ringing endorsement of our technology, ghCore is a game changer in the way that logistics are tracked and managed and P&O Ferrymasters now has a more efficient way to manage assets across its business."