Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Cloud Based Freight Shipping Tracker Goes Live to Follow Containers on Ships at Sea

GateHouse Demonstrates New Service for Maritime Logistics
Shipping News Feature
DENMARK – WORLDWIDE – GateHouse Logistics, who have made their name from developing freight vehicle and shipment tracking systems, has launched a new cloud service to provide valuable real-time tracking of loads port-to-port. Destined for manufacturers, cargo owners, logistic service providers, container owners and other players in the supply chain, the cloud service called ghVessel collects vessel AIS (Automatic Identification System) broadcast signals from satellite and land-based systems to calculate estimated time of vessel arrivals.

GateHouse says its cloud service is a smart but simple tool to use. Knowing the name of a vessel carrying a specific load, its arrival time at a port can be shown at anytime and anywhere on a ghVessel arrival board. By simply matching the vessel and a load, logistics providers will be able to view the location in near real-time and to calculate an ETA at the next port. The ghVessel service calculates next-port ETA based on years of historical data and typical vessel behaviour combined with information found in the AIS transmission. Jesper Bennike, CEO at GateHouse Logistics said:

"Traditional ocean freight Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) often has days of latency between transmissions and is no longer fit for the dynamic logistics industry, ghVessel brings immediacy and transparency of load data to ocean freight logistics."