Monday, April 4, 2011

New Cleaner Shrink Covers Wrap Freight Pallets Securely

Better Technology Means 20% Savings in Cost and Emissions
Shipping News Feature

UK – When first introduced polythene shrink covers, used to both secure a freight consignment to a pallet and protect it from the elements and also possible pilferage or damage, were little short of a revelation, just as shrink film on a roll had been a generation earlier. Suppliers and logistics companies alike were quick to seize an opportunity and now Polythene UK, the largest broker of polythene film and bags in the Britain, has launched a new range of polythene shrink covers available in their new ‘Polylite’ material which promises to deliver 20% in costs savings and 20% in carbon reductions for the user.

The new ‘Polylite’ polythene pallet covers are essentially manufactured from standard polythene, but made in a superior way when compared to traditional methods. Polythene UK’s manufacturing methods enables them to produce a multi-layered, tough, lightweight film that offers great strength at lower gauges whilst reducing the weight of polythene consumption. The manufacturers say the effect of this is typically a massive 20% cost saving and a 20% reduction of the carbon footprint. James Woollard, Managing Director of Polythene UK, explained:

“Never has so much been achieved by so little. Our shrink pallet covers can reduce the weight of polythene consumption by 20% - leading to less polythene waste going into our landfill system and therefore significantly reducing the user’s carbon footprint. It’s a terrific product, that provides the ultimate ‘transit and storage packaging’ solution, saving the user money, reducing their carbon footprint and tackling the problem of polythene waste.”

The new pallet covers are available in shrink and non-shrink in sizes up to air cargo pallet cover dimensions, and can be printed up to 8 colours. For every initial order placed Polythene UK are also giving away a free heat shrink gas gun (The Shrink Pro 008). Mr Woollard continued to explain the company has also announced the launch of its new CO₂ reduction certificates available to any company using their new shrink pallet covers or any of their other current ‘Polylite’ offerings, saying:

“The 2008 Climate Change Act made Britain the first country in the world to set legally binding ‘carbon budgets,’ aiming to cut UK emissions by at least 80% by 2050. To achieve these ambitious targets, widespread action is needed right now. That’s why we have developed our ‘Polylite’ polythene pallet covers, and other ‘Polylite’ products, to help businesses address this issue. Our new CO₂ reductions certificates outline our customer’s contribution to the reduction of Carbon across the UK.”