Tuesday, September 21, 2021

New Book Compares Aviation and Maritime Safety and How to Avoid Incidents

Common Ground Examined in a Bid to Educate Mariners
Shipping News Feature

UK – As London International Shipping Week, LISW 2021, got under way, insurance experts the UK P&I Club, together with aviation training outfit CAE, launched a safety book on transferable lessons from the flight deck aimed at mariners. The publication aims to illustrate that incidents arising in aviation, and avoidance of these can be mirrored in the maritime sector. Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director at the Club, commented:

“We have been working with CAE for some time now and there are clear similarities between the maritime and aviation environments that we can share experiences. We believe this exceptionally well presented publication is a valuable resource for seafarers of all ranks as these real life incidents and comparisons demonstrate the importance of effective teamwork in maintaining safety on board ship.”

The book, ‘Maritime Team Dynamics – Lessons from the Flight Deck’, is published by Witherbys, and contains twelve aviation incidents cross referenced to the maritime sector, highlighting important, relatable, and relevant lessons from the flight deck.

The aviation case studies illustrate the similarities that exist across each industry when it comes to major incidents, focusing on the key human element present in the Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) training modules. Captain David Owens, Global Leader Training Policy & Learning Strategy, CAE, said:

“CAE’s contribution to this book shares our experiences and passes on lessons learned. This type of sector cross-pollination is extremely important to drive safety standards. I am reminded of the aviation mantra to focus on ‘what is right rather than who is right’ which enables us to be candid and open about safety.”