Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Asian Air Freight Link for European Cargo Only Carrier

Twice Weekly Service into Vienna for Cargolux
Shipping News Feature

LUXEMBOURG – AUSTRIA – ASIA – Cargolux, Europe’s largest freight only air carrier, has started a second 747-8 freighter service from Hong Kong to the Austrian capital, reacting to customer demand for more air freight capacity on this route with the initial flight landing an October 17. This means the Luxembourg based cargo airline services the Viennese capital on Thursdays and Saturdays, with management saying they have been ‘enthusiastically accepted’ into the local logistics community.

Cargolux only introduced its first Vienna service at the beginning of August 2013. That flight originates in Hanoi and Hong Kong and offered the fastest connection for Austrian shippers to all Cargolux destinations. The rapid success of that service has prompted the second weekly flight to Vienna, a traditional east-west cargo transfer point particularly geared towards the import of high-tech products and textiles out of China and supplemented by the exports of healthcare products, heavy machinery and spares from Vienna.

For many years, Cargolux customers in Austria have traditionally used road feeder services, connecting the major industrial centres in Eastern Europe with Vienna and the airline’s hub in Luxembourg. With the second flight, however, Cargolux is able to further reduce its trucking activities from Austria to Luxembourg with all attached environmental benefits.

In September 2013, Vienna airport handled 22,948 tonnes of freight, an increase of 13.8% over the same month in 2012. The airport offers round-the-clock operations without curfew and 24-hour cargo handling facilities.