Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Appointment At Air Freight Wholesaler

AMI Strengthens Management Team
Shipping News Feature

UK – There are very few companies who can claim to have envisioned a niche in the freight market and then developed it single handed for over thirty years, maintaining a reputation for reliability and credibility as would be competitors fell by the wayside. One such is AMI , acquired in 1993 by John Menzies plc and rebranded Air Menzies International, who conceived the client neutral, wholesale, trade only airfreight system way back in 1976.

Now the company has strengthened its management team with the appointment of Stephen Koller to the new post of Executive Vice President. Koller retains his post as a main board director of Menzies Aviation, AMI’s parent company, with specific responsibility for AMI and Information Technology. Based at London Heathrow Airport, Koller now assumes responsibility for the continuing global development of AMI. This role was previously performed by Peter Weir, who recently took over specific responsibility for the USA, where he is now based full-time.

AMI have dominated their sector of the market by consolidating cargo from any bona fide freight forwarders and maintaining strict neutrality and confidentiality all the while. Like a cash and carry wholesaler they have prospered by dealing only with trade customers and providing an opportunity for their clients to squeeze a profit whilst enabling them to legitimately undercut air carrier tariff rates.

When a worthy competitor did occasionally arise AMI had the sense to acquire them. Stephen Koller found himself working for Menzies Aviation ten years ago, after AMI's parent also acquirred US based handling agent Ogden Aviation which he had joined in 1997.With a previous background in information services Koller is confident of the future saying:

“My challenge is to continue Peter’s great work in bringing AMI to several world markets, and to maintain and accelerate our growth. I will particularly be looking at ways in which we can expand the network of AMI stations into new areas. My systems background will also be helpful in improving our efficiency, and making AMI more accessible and more profitable for customers.”

With its Executive VP also seated on the Menzies Aviation board, AMI will now be more clearly recognized as a key element in the future expansion of Menzies Aviation as a whole.

Photo: Stephen Koller