Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Neglect Can Cost Road Haulage and Freight and Logistics Outfits

New Video Aims to Simplify Fork Truck Maintenance
Shipping News Feature

UK – There is no doubt that as the economy tightens up one of the first things to suffer in the average road haulage or freight and logistics outfit is maintenance. This can range from not decorating the office to more serious matters such as servicing of vans and lorries with very often the first casualty the handling equipment in the warehouse including regular checks on fork lift trucks and their components despite their undoubted value to such an operation and the risk to safety if they are neglected.

 Now Letchworth-based FB Chain Ltd has produced a short video that guides the viewer through the various stages involved in checking a forklift truck’s chain for wear using one of the company’s unique chainwear gauge tools which FB says is widely recognised as the most accurate, reliable and simple to use tool of its kind on the market.

Previously many companies, through ignorance or neglect, have failed to ensure the safety of this vital yet potentially lethal part of their handling operation but the new film shows precisely what one should be aware of when establishing that a chain is safe to operate. Peter Church, FB Chain’s managing director, commented on the FB Chain Wear Gauge which has been sold in over 40 countries throughout the world since it was first launched: 

“Checking a lift truck’s chain for wear is essential because excessively worn chains can be lethal. There is no better precision tool on the market for monitoring chain wear than our professional chain wear gauge. Our new video gives easy to follow guidance on how to get the best results from the chainwear gauge and gives handy hints along the way and also highlights key points to consider when using the product to ensure that a lift truck’s chain is in safety working order.

“Most chain wear gauges do not offer the accuracy that our gauges offer – they simply show if chain is worn to the point that it needs replacing or not whereas the FB chain wear gauge enables an engineer to judge if a chain is likely to become dangerously worn before the next service, leading to the equipment being operated hazardously.”

Unlike other makes of chainwear gauge on the market, the FB gauge allows chain elongation to be measured to within one quarter of one per cent. Chain elongation is the most common cause of chain failure and the ability to monitor it accurately allows an engineer to assess if a chain is likely to need to be replaced before his or her next review of the truck is due.

See the short video demonstrating exactly how to use the gauge HERE.