Monday, August 31, 2009

NATO Freight Trucks Targeted in Pakistan

Bomb destroys at least a dozen vehicles
Shipping News Feature

PAKISTAN – Trucks carrying supplies and fuel for the NATO forces in Afghanistan have been targeted in an attack at the Pakistani border city of Chaman, Baluchistan. A bomb was planted under a tanker late Sunday evening and the subsequent conflagration destroyed more than a dozen other vehicles. There are no reports of casualties.

Several hundred trucks, many carrying NATO supplies, had been stuck at the border post for the last two days after a dispute between the drivers and customs officials flared up. According to the truck drivers they are forced to pay a 500 rupee ‘surcharge’ in order to pass unmolested from Afghanistan into Pakistan. The Pakistan border authorities deny this is the case but do admit to having increased screening recently due to a number of incidents involving human trafficking across this point.

Chaman is one of two crossing points for supplies for US and NATO-led foreign forces fighting the insurgency in Afghanistan. The other, the famed Khyber Pass, has been subject to a number of attacks by militants on freight vehicles providing logistics support to the NATO forces.