Monday, December 14, 2009

Name That Freight Ferry To Win Four Free Trips To Shetland

NorthLink Ferries ask for Suggestions to Christen Replacement Ship
Shipping News Feature

SCOTLAND – As is their usual practice NorthLink Ferries are asking for name suggestions for the latest addition to their RoRo fleet. This time it’s for the 122 metre “Shield” which will be leased from Seatruck Ferries, Heynsham.

But don’t get too excited, the competition is limited to those residents of the Shetland Isles which will be the main destination of the new vessel, which is to replace the 38 year old 'Hascosay'. The prize will also probably suit only those in regular need of the ferry anyway, as it consists of four return trips to the mainland for two people and a car with an en suite cabin included.

The ships predecessor will be disposed of but there will be no redundancies as all crew will serve on the new ship or be dispersed to other NorthLink vessels. So if you are a Shetland resident and can come up with a name which fits well with other company titles in use (clue here – you might want to start with an “H” and polish up your Norse – besides the ‘Hascosay’ Northlink currently run the Hjaltland’, ‘Hrossey’ and ‘Hamnavoe’ ).

NorthLink provide an essential service, often in less than ideal weather, between the Orkney and Shetland island groups and the North of Scotland for freight, livestock and passengers. Any islanders reading this who wish to enter a name can use this link.