Monday, November 4, 2019

Multimodal Port Pulls Together Diverse Interests to Examine Innovation in Logistics

Technology Event Precedes November 'Hackathon'
Shipping News Feature

UK – Last week the Port of Tyne continued its efforts at innovation in the logistics sector, begun when operator PD Ports established the UK’s first 2050 Maritime Innovation Hub in July, with a gathering of organisations across the spectrum of maritime logistics, technology and academia to pursue the matter.

A collaboration of over 40 companies including tech partners from the Connected Catapult, Royal Haskoning DHV and Nissan along with representatives from the Universities of Newcastle, Northumbria, Durham, York and University College London joined forces with others during a technology event held in the port.

The Port of Tyne handles a wide spectrum of modal transport methods including bulk, break bulk, offshore, rail-freight, automotive, cruise and ferry and the 2050 Maritime Innovation Hub includes the Department for Transport (DfT) amongst its supporters. Matt Beeton, Chief Executive Officer at Port of Tyne, said:

“Innovation requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people. I’m really proud of the work taking shape in the 2050 Innovation Hub and delighted that so many industry partners are joining forces to develop new models of knowledge exchange and open innovation. The 2050 Innovation Hub is leading the way and the results will help ports and the global supply chain apply new technology to optimise efficiencies and improve competitiveness.”

During the technology event taking place at the hub a project plan was made, aimed at improving berth utilisation and cargo capabilities. The contributions of the 70 delegates in attendance will culminate in the UK’s first maritime ‘Hackathon’ event, taking place at the 2050 Innovation Hub in November.

Tech partners, coders, developers, programmers and app builders will come together during the Innovation Hub Hackathon to develop software solutions that will optimise cargo capabilities at ports and in the supply chain. For further information please see the Port of Tyne website. Frans Calje, Chief Executive Officer at PD Ports, commented:

“We are delighted that PD Ports is playing an active part in the 2050 Innovation Hub, and it is great that positive collaborations are already working to tackle shared challenges facing the maritime sector.”