Thursday, February 14, 2019

Multimodal Heavy Lift Freight Forwarding Operation Handled by German Port

RoRo Ferry and Oversize Truck Transport Complete Difficult Move
Shipping News Feature
GERMANY – Cuxport, the deep water port that lies between its better known rivals of Hamburg and Bremerhaven is a joint venture between Rhenus SE & Co. KG and HHLA Container Terminals GmbH and demonstrated its versatility recently managing a heavy-lift project involving multimodal transport and handling operations on behalf of freight forwarder, Bohnet. A machine frame weighing 95 tonnes was first transported from Plochingen to Cuxhaven on board an inland waterway vessel, before being moved on to a truck at the Cuxport Terminal and finally shipped from there to Saint-Nazaire in France by RoRo ferry.

The machine frame for the aviation industry, started in Ravensburg with a short truck ride to the inland waterway port at Plochingen. Thirteen days later the item arrived in Cuxhaven. Cuxport completed the transhipment from the inland waterway vessel on to a 10-axle low loader with a four-axle tractor unit at its multi-purpose terminal.

The loaded truck, which weighed 150 tonnes, was then driven on board the RoRo ferry Ville de Bordeaux for the leg by sea. The machine frame arrived at its destination in Saint-Nazaire from Cuxhaven two-and-a-half days later. The route via Cuxhaven was selected because stringent conditions and time-consuming permit procedures would make any alternative transport by road very challenging. Roland Schneider, Head of Business Development at Cuxport commented:

“When handling heavy shipments of this size, it’s often necessary to find alternatives to just moving them by road, whether this is because of the dimensions of the consignment, the road conditions or the savings in time. We can offer excellent conditions as a handling site for heavy cargo at Cuxhaven because of our links to the inland waterway network, suitable transhipment equipment and our network of scheduled short sea services.”

The Ville de Bordeaux, which is operated by the LD Seaplane shipping company, has been regularly calling at the port of Cuxhaven since May 2018. The vessel is very suitable for shipping heavy items with its ramp capacity of 220 tonnes and deck entrance height of 11 metres. The ship mainly carries parts for the aircraft industry between Saint-Nazaire, Cuxhaven and Hamburg.