Thursday, October 18, 2018

MSC Offers Ability to Track Containers and Check Humidity, Invasions, Poor Handling and More

Swiss Box Line Rolls Out New Smart Technology to Watch Boxes Throughout the Supply Chain
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has announced that it will equip 50,000 of its dry cargo containers with smart technology in the coming months as it looks to enhance supply chain management for shippers through unprecedented visibility of dry cargo flow from door-to-door, adding efficiency, safety and predictability. The TRAXENS technology, which both MSC and CMA CGM decided to adopt in 2016, and which we gave full details of, including an explanatory video earlier this year, is now being fully rolled out across the Swiss group's fleet.

In partnership with TRAXENS, the container tracking and condition reporting system, MSC is increasingly introducing smart container solutions for customers at many locations around the world, using Internet of Things (IoT) solutions developed by its partner, in order to meet growing demand from shippers for tracking and security solutions.

TRAXENS provides shippers and shipping lines with an Internet-connected device to permanently fix on dry cargo containers. This transforms the container into a smart, connected object which collects and communicates real-time data on its position and movements throughout its journey. Other factors which help to keep cargo secure include: temperature, humidity level, shocks and vibrations and, vitally from the perspective of potential theft or contamination, door opening and closing.

Lack of real-time, end-to-end visibility is a major issue in today’s global supply chains and until today, no importers or exporters could say they had total visibility over the whole trip. Now MSC says that the use of digital technologies like smart containers will bring substantial gains in efficiency and service along the entire supply chain. It should also help manage delays and other problems as containers pass through the system where historically the chasing of information has been time-consuming and expensive.

In due course the technology is also expected to facilitate easier and quicker pre-customs clearance for shippers, offering precise geographical information and therefore instantly available and more accurate arrival dates. Diego Aponte, President and CEO of MSC Group, observed:

“MSC believes that the real-time tracking of containers is the future of the shipping industry. While shipping lines should of course compete on service, we will achieve better results for our customers by working in a more harmonised way on technology and innovation. Smart containers are a perfect example of where we can cooperate according to industry standards to make our services truly comprehensive and TRAXENS is the top innovator in this area.”

Photo: The small white TRAXENS sender units can be seen under the registration number on each of these MSC containers.