Friday, July 22, 2011

Move One Logistics Completes Pakistan Development Freight Lift for US Government

Massive Aid Project Success
Shipping News Feature

USA / PAKISTAN - Move One Logistics has completed the latest in a series of high-value logistics projects that are part of a program of cooperation between the US and Pakistani Governments designed to develop Pakistan’s energy, agriculture, education and health sectors to help meet the country’s immediate and long-term development goals.

Move One has played a key role in these projects addressing some of Pakistan’s most critical development needs, and has been transporting equipment and supplies via the US Embassy in Islamabad. The scale of the project was so enormous that, in the first week of August 2010, exploratory dry-run simulations had to be conducted before freight shipments could begin. The evaluation process required a 40-foot flatbed truck and a 50-ton crane, purely to investigate the equipment and specialized transports that would be needed for the project itself.

After careful planning and local research, the first shipment arrived in early October 2010, and several months later the project is now approaching its final stages. Over the course of the operation, Move One has transported an enormous volume of specialized equipment, including 32 modular buildings, 13 secured containers, three generator modules, a fire pump and 14 separate airfreight shipments that were each in excess of 18 tons.

In addition to the sheer volume of the project, many of its key elements required specialized knowledge and expertise. Special slings and shackles were purchased in the UAE and sent to Karachi in order to meet US standards for handling specific high-value cargo. Modular buildings and secured containers could not stay in one place for over 96 hours, so Move Ones teams had to ensure that each transport would clear customs and dispatch from port within the allotted time frame. Secure lay-down space with Material Handling Equipment (MHE) support had to be acquired in Karachi and Islamabad for container loads to be kept secure until the consignee was ready to receive them.

Commenting on Move One Logistics’ contribution to the program, Zsolt Ormai, Project Manager for the job, explained:

“We are extremely proud to not only have been part of this diplomatic and humanitarian project, but to have been crucial in its success due to the experience, skills and professionalism displayed by all of our participating offices and teams.”

The company was chosen due to its years of experience in the country and of assisting humanitarian projects in some of the most dangerous and challenging regions in the world. The company is constantly involved in worldwide aid missions, from donating blankets to orphanages in Kabul to delivering disease prevention supplies from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

“Move One continues to deliver second-to-none logistics services in the most testing environments, while supporting humanitarian aid efforts,” added Ormai.

“Move One has been providing supply chain services to humanitarian and peace keeping organizations for almost two decades, and is honoured to be part of such extremely important initiatives worldwide.”